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Building the global Citizen Philosophy

Do you spend more time planning a vacation for your family than you do for Enslaved, sick or dying people in the world?


The Philosophy of Global citizenship, in some contexts, may refer to a brand of ethics or political philosophy in which it is proposed that the core social, political, economic and environmental realities of the world today should be addressed at all levels—by individuals, civil society organizations, communities and nation states—through a global lens. It refers to a broad, culturally- and environmentally-inclusive worldview that accepts the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. Political and geographic borders become irrelevant and solutions to today's challenges are seen to be beyond the narrow vision of national interests. Fundamental to global understanding are the interplay of finance, governance & militarization.

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​Delving deeper into the study of Global Citizenship leads to Social and Economic Justice, Human Rights and good Environmental Stewardship!

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